Editorial Policy

As the author and founder of Don’t Just Fly, I want you to know I take immense pride in the content I create for you.

My hope is to inspire you to find some fun and adventure together with your family while learning more about the world on the go.

Please be assured that this site is written and developed by a real mom who loves to travel with her husband and kids.

Dedication to High Quality Content

The articles shared on DontJustFly.com are summaries of real family vacations and dining experiences that we have personally enjoyed.

The quality standards for travel blogs has changed dramatically since I first began blogging in 2009.

I started by sharing the occasional travel-related post on my first blog, Peanut Blossom, but my passion for travel led me to launch a dedicated travel site in 2019.

Since then I have spent at least 50% of my time moving those original travel posts to this new site and updating old content to bring it up to the current quality standards.

Every new article published strives to exceed the current standards of quality so that my advice can help you plan a vacation to remember with your own family.

Original Content

I have personally visited each of the locations I’ve written about on this web site. Our family lives in North Carolina and frequently road trips to destinations all throughout the South.

I grew up in the Midwest and feature some locations we are familiar with as well.

All of the international content I have shared has come directly from our first-hand experience.

The travel tips and “what to see” inspiration lists are based on the experience of planning a similar trip for my own family. If I have not actually personally visited the location, I will clearly mention that it is a bucket list of our own.

I am the only writer for this website but my husband and children have assisted in providing their feedback and notes on the special activities we plan during our vacations.

Accuracy and Corrections

I strive to keep the information I publish as accurate as possible. When I make a mistake I correct is as soon as I can and you’ll find the most recently updated date near the title of each article.

Unfortunately, some tourist attractions and restaurants go out of business after we have visited and reviewed them. I remove or add a notation to their listing as soon as I’m aware of the closure.

Original Photography

I document our family travels with my iPhone and a DSLR camera. Whenever possible, the photos on this site come directly from my family photo library.

I edit my photos in Lightroom for color, contrast, and exposure. I make every attempt to keep the photo as true to the original as possible so that you know what to expect when you are standing in the same spot on your trip.

Stock Photography

There have been some instances where I have used legally licensed stock photos from stock photography websites or Canva to illustrate a landmark I could not capture during our trip.

I have also used them to portray generic travel-themed scenes for packing list tips and hotel tips where a unique image was not as essential to the quality of the article.

Wherever possible I use my own original travel photography, stock photography is only used when I missed the shot during our trip or I’m writing a bucket list for a destination we are planning to visit but haven’t yet.

Thank You for Your Support

I believe it is a great honor to be a small part of how you plan fun family vacations for your loved ones. Some of our best family memories have been from our trips and I hope to inspire you to take advantage of your own vacations to deeply connect with your loved ones.

By choosing to spend your time on Don’t Just Fly, you are helping to support a mom who works from home so she can be more available for her kids. You have made a real impact on my ability to provide simple things like tap dance lessons, tutors, band gear, and prom dresses for my daughters.

Thank you so much for your support of this woman-owned small business.