Best Travel Games for Kids to Play with Adults

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The best travel games for kids to play with adults don’t require a lot of reading in order to play. Perfect for a wide spread of ages, these games are fun for everyone at the table!

A young girls hands adjusting her cards for a card game that is set on the table.

When we enjoy a family game night at home, we trade off between games that the kids love and ones that we enjoy a little more. We take turns catering to everyone’s interest.

But when we want to take travel games on the go to enjoy during our weeklong stay at the beach condo, we look for games that have a wider appeal.

Our family reunion beach trips will find my kids sitting at the table with adults of varying ages: their grandparents, aunt, and my husband and myself.

We’ve tested these games and found them to be the most fun for both the kids and the adults to enjoy playing together.

What Makes These the Best Travel Games?

There were several factors my family judged these travel games against:

  1. How Challenging Is It?
    These games are challenging enough to keep the adults interested but easy enough that the kids had plenty of turns where they won the game.
  2. How Fast Can We Play a Round?
    You’re on vacation! You don’t need a game that takes hours to play, these games are meant to be fast paced and easy to sneak in between other fun vacation activities. Most rounds can be played in 15 minutes or less.
  3. How Many People Can Play?
    We wanted a variety of games that can be played with just 1 or 2 players but up to a whole family of 4 or more. It is nice to have a variety of options.
  4. How Much Reading is Required?
    One of our kids was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading. We always want her to be able to relax and enjoy the game, so we hunt down travel games that do not require a lot of reading in order to play. You will not find any word hunt games or spelling games on our list for this reason.
  5. How Pretty is the Game?
    Fun themes and whimsical art go a long way towards our enjoyment of any game. The illustrations and art work on these card games are so appealing.
  6. Can a Color Blind Person Play?
    My husband struggles with red-green color blindness. He can easily play most of the games on this list, but I’ve noted the ones that are a little more challenging.

Best Travel Games

These portable card games are perfect for tossing into your tote bag or luggage for a family vacation at a beach condo or cabin.

Easy to learn, quick to play, these games are perfect for kids playing alongside adults.

A photo collage shows a child playing a card game.

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