Best Beach Gear for Families

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The best beach gear for families is sturdy, portable, and will help you have a great day at the beach with the kids.

A young girl sits on a beach chair under a beach umbrella.

Heading on a family beach trip this year? We’ve spent a week at the beach every summer for over a decade as our kids grew from tiny toddlers to teens.

Over the years, we’ve perfected the beach gear that deserves room in our car trunk for the road trip. You can see our list of what to pack for a road trip here.

Our focus is on budget-friendly, reliable, and well made pieces that we can use over and over again every summer.

In my list of essential beach gear, I’ll share which items are worth an investment for the long run and which ones you can find more budget friendly prices.

If you are a member of Costco, you can find some of the items at a discount at a local warehouse here in the southeastern coastal cities.

While you’re making your shopping and packing lists, don’t miss my great list of the best beach toys for the whole family.

Essential Beach Gear for a Family Day at the Beach

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