Capturing Kids’ Personalities on Vacation

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While posed pictures of your kids are fun, don’t miss the chance to capture memorable silly moments of your family on vacation, too. Check out these great tips for injecting a little more fun into your family photo album.

A silly pose in front of two topiaries at Epcot's Annual Garden festival.

I believe that most moms tend to publicly share only the pictures of their kids looking all sweet and innocent and cute.

Happy smiles facing the camera. All posey-posey lovely.

Any real parent knows the behind-the-scenes truth:

Behind every sweet photo of your kids is probably 20 – 40 “real” shots of them goofing around before you finally got “the one.”

As time passes and I look back through the pictures on my phone, I realize that some of those sweet and silly “outtakes” are totally the pictures I love the most.

Vacation photos should be no different.

Posed family shots in front of famous landmarks are fun to have, but what you’ll really want to remember in the long term is how your family behaved naturally with one another while having the time of their lives.

Goofy faces, silly poses, funny moments: when you’re on vacation, be on the lookout for everyone simply having a blast together and CAPTURE THAT!

Two young girls are goofing around with a pile of stuffed animals.

I adore this image of my girls goofing around with the stuffies my husband simply couldn’t resist buying them from our trip.

I shared it as part of a set on Facebook and it got more comments than any other image from our trip.

People LOVE seeing my kids so natural and silly. It is just so “them.”

I’m so grateful to have a husband with a wonderful sense of humor.

He’s obviously passed that gene on to our children. If you ever met Tim in person, you’d likely think he was quiet and reserved. But one of the things I love most is how he really gets into taking silly pictures while on vacation.

A young girl roars by a dinosaur at a restaurant.

He prompted this shot of our daughter ROARING in front of a dinosaur and she was definitely up for the challenge. He notices details I would otherwise miss and always has a clever idea for a funny pose.

These photos inject such a sense of personality into any vacation album.

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