3 Things to Watch Before You Travel from London to Paris

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Before you go from London to Paris, be sure to watch these fascinating movies to get a broader perspective of the connection between these two great cities.

The photo collage shows Big Ben next to the Eiffel Tower.

I firmly believe that travel is about so much more than simply checking off landmarks from a bucket list.

When we take our family on an adventure, the fun begins with our preparations at home. We explore the area we’ll be visiting through books, movies, and documentaries.

When we planned our day trip from London to Paris by train, we took the time to add these fantastic movies and a documentary to our watch list in the weeks ahead of the adventure.

How They Built the Channel Tunnel Train

Once we booked our tickets on the Eurostar to do a day trip from London to Paris, my husband insisted we spend an evening watching a documentary on the building of the channel tunnel.

While most of the passengers on our train seemed completely unimpressed during the ride, our family sat in awe as the train dove down into the tunnel knowing we were riding underneath the ocean up above.

A man in a cap on the train.
My husband just before the Eurostar took off for Paris.

I appreciated that the screens on board the train displayed fun facts about the tunnel and just how deep under the water it travels.

The screen switched from English to French but I think I may have been the only passenger who noticed!

The display shows the depth of the train traveling under the ocean.

I definitely encourage you to take the time to watch this before your train ride even if you don’t have time for anything else on the list!

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

While Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is one of my favorite movies about Paris, it is especially perfect to watch if you’re traveling to both London and Paris.

This sweet story features an English woman who longs to own her very own couture Christian Dior dress. She saves up her money and adventures to Paris.

Set in both London and Paris, the movie showcases Paris fashion at its best and is perfect if you plan to spend even a little time shopping during your trip.

Ironically, one of the first billboard advertisements we saw when we arrived in London was a rainbow display of Dior dresses. My girls loved making that connection.


On a far more serious but important note, if you plan to visit the Churchill War Rooms in London and you plan to visit Paris, I recommend taking the time to watch the movie Dunkirk.

We watched Darkest Hour to introduce Winston Churchill to our kids before the trip. It would be an excellent choice if you’re staying in London. However, Dunkirk is an even better choice if you’re crossing the English channel into France.

“When 400,000 men couldn’t get home, Home came for them.” Dunkirk tells the incredible story of how every serviceable civilian vessel left home in England to rescue the British soldiers, along with their French, Belgian, and Dutch comrades, from the French coastal town during World War II.

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