Is the Pirate’s Voyage Show in Myrtle Beach Worth It?

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This Pirate’s Voyage review will help you decide whether the Myrtle Beach attraction is right for your family’s next beach trip. Thanks to our friends at Dollywood for hosting us for this fun event.

The pirate set for the Pirate's Voyage Dinner Show.

When traveling on a family vacation with tweens, it can get a little more challenging each year to find things to do that every member of the family enjoys at the same time.

During our recent family trip to Myrtle Beach, we got the chance to check out the Pirate’s Voyage dinner show as they launch their 10th season. It was by far our favorite experience from the entire weekend.

When I asked my youngest what she would tell other moms planning trips for their families about Pirate’s Voyage, she earnestly replied:

“It has everything you need! Food, family, and fun.”

She’s not wrong. How can you even argue that? I love that my little lady values the “family” portion of that statement so much that she included it as an essential for a good time.

The Pirate’s Voyage is a Dolly Parton production with locations in both Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge, TN. If anyone knows a thing about how to entertain a crowd, it is Miss Dolly Parton.

The kids were gasping, cheering, and laughing all throughout the show. At one point my daughter shouted: “Is that actually real?!”

Totally grinning, I glanced over at my husband to see his jaw hanging open and his eyes bulging wide.

We honestly couldn’t even believe what we were seeing on stage and our high expectations for the evening were far exceeded.

Every member of our family gives the show a hearty two thumbs up, we definitely recommend a visit if you happen to be in Myrtle Beach this year.

Want to know if the Pirate’s Voyage show is right for your family? Be sure to get the full details in my review below.

A complete Pirate’s Voyage review for families with kids:

What is the Pirate’s Voyage dinner show?

One part Vegas show plus one part Hollywood action movie meets one part family dinner night.

Imagine Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow performing with a Cirque du Soleil troupe over a 15-foot-deep indoor lagoon with movie-style stunts and special effects.

All while your family sits back and enjoys a 4-course meal delivered to your seats by pirate wenches.

The daring adventure features sword fights, blazing cannons, mystical mermaids and pirates scaling high above two full-sized pirate ships fighting to win Davy Jones’ coveted sunken treasure. The show is an epic battle for lost treasure on land, on deck, and in the water. Daring dock diving dogs, salty sea lions and tropical birds join in the quest and are truly a highlight of the experience.


Who will enjoy the live performance most?

This theater experience definitely caters to families with kids. While I’m pretty sure Tim and I would have loved it on our own for a date night, we really loved having the whole family attend.


There’s enough swashbuckling action to keep older kids engaged throughout the show. Our girls especially loved the live animals and special effects which included fire, fog, and cannons booming.


There are a few audience participation moments in the show that are included specifically for younger kids. The littles we saw helping out all seemed to be having the time of their lives.

Is it too scary?
Some of the action sequences are very intense with loud booms and flashing lights. There is a scene where the theater gets really dark and the performers wear glow-in-the-dark skeleton suits that could frighten more timid kids.

Nothing bad happens to anyone in the show but there are action-packed sword fights where some pirates pretend to get stabbed and thrown into the water. There is no fake blood or anything gory at all and these scenes move super fast with no dwelling on anyone being injured.

Will both girls and boys like this show?

I can emphatically say there is something for everyone here.

The pirate crews are made up of both men and women pirates. The women are just as daring and adventurous as their counterparts, not just damsels in distress. I loved that one lady was Captain of a pirate ship.

On the other hand, there are sparkly mermaids and a bit of romance worked into the show as well. It isn’t all action, all the time.

For all four members of my family, the live animals were the biggest hit. It was such a fun surprise every time they’d pop up in the performance.

Where is the dinner theater?

You’ll find the Pirate’s Voyage theater at:

8907 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
United States (US)
Phone: (843) 497-9700

We were pleased to find ample parking in the theater lot so that doesn’t need to be a concern.

How to get tickets to the show and when to arrive:

You can order your tickets to the dinner show online at the Pirate’s Voyage web site here.

Depending on the timing of your trip, there are between 1 – 3 showtimes available. To take full advantage of your tickets, we highly recommend arriving at least an hour early before your show for the pre-show entertainment.

While you wait for the theater doors to open, you’ll find beverage and snack service along with live performances, face painting opportunities, and more.

NOTE: If you get tickets for seats in the first row, there’s a small chance you’ll get splashed during the show. Some of the pirates can get a bit feisty and do belly flops into the water. We didn’t get soaked, but a bit of a splash happened at the end of our meal that required extra napkins to mop up a bit. The amazing view was well worth it though.

What food is included in your pirate dinner? 

The dinner service during Pirate’s Voyage was wonderful. Our waitress took care of everything while we relaxed and watched the performance.

When you arrive at your seat, you’ll find your plate and a fork with napkins already waiting. The server comes through with each element of the dinner one item at a time so you always have something to nibble on while watching the show.

Our soda glasses never ran dry, she was always there with a refill.

A bar server also comes through taking orders for adult beverages if you desire. I tried a frozen peach-rum concoction that was out of this world and was served in a souvenir mug that my kids are currently fighting over.

The Pirate’s Voyage dinner menu includes:

  • Fresh cheese biscuit, served warm
  • Creamy veggie soup, served in a mug to sip
  • Half a “cackler,” a pirate version of a roasted chicken. This was by far my daughter’s favorite item.
  • Pulled pork with BBQ sauce served on the side
  • Herb basted potato, our server called it a pirate french fry. Ha!
  • Cob of corn
  • Light and flaky apple turnover

It was more food than any of us could finish, you definitely will not go hungry.

Special dietary considerations:

This is the standard dinner meal that comes with your tickets but they do offer both a vegetarian and gluten-free dinner menu option if you need it. Just be sure to mention it at the time of your reservation.

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