Royal Family 101: Quick Videos to Watch Before London

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Before you take the kids to London, brush up on who’s who in the Royal Family. Introduce your kids to King Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Prince Harry through this series of quick videos.

A palace guard paces in front of Buckingham Palace.

When you’re prepping for your family trip to London, do not assume that your kids understand the importance of the Royal family. They may not even know who the current King is or be able to list any of the members of “The Firm.”

Spend an evening giving them a quick overview of who’s who in the British Royal Family through a series of fun videos that give quick peeks to bits of London while you’re at it.

While there are other more informational documentaries and programs you could watch, I personally think showing them news footage of real moments from the Royal Family’s lives is a great way for kids to connect with these famous figures.

King Charles’ Coronation in 4 Minutes

There’s no need to watch the entire coronation, but share this quick 4-minute summary of the moments when Prince Charles became King Charles.

Be sure to point out Queen Camilla, you’ll see both of their faces on specialty merchandise and signage all around London.

This is a great thing to watch if you plan to visit Westminster Abbey during your trip.

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear

Queen Elizabeth is still very much a presence in London, bless her soul. For kids who are too young to remember her, this sweet video with Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear from her Jubilee is the absolute best.

It also features the inside of Buckingham Palace which will be fun to point out during your visit.

Queen Elizabeth and James Bond

One of my favorite things about Queen Elizabeth was her sense of humor. The Queen and James Bond?? Even my husband got a kick out of this one:

Charles and Diana’s Wedding

Your kids may get a kick out of seeing King Charles in his younger days. Introducing them to Princess Diana in her world-famous wedding dress would be a lovely way to do it.

This is an especially good idea if you want to visit the Princess Diana memorials or St. Paul’s Cathedral where the wedding was held while you’re in London.

Will and Kate’s Wedding

Once you’ve watched the historic wedding, fast forward to the modern royals and give your kids a peek at Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding. This is actually an hour-long, but you could fast forward through bits to give them the idea.

Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

And last but not least, though they are not currently active members of the royal family, can you really talk about Charles and Will without mentioning Harry and Meghan??

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