Be Our Guest Restaurant: A Review

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Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom is a gorgeous themed restaurant for table service dining during your Disney vacation but, is it worth the price?

A stained glass window portrays Belle in her yellow dress and the beast as a prince.

Choosing the best restaurants for your Disney vacation can be such a stressful part of the vacation planning.

The dining budget will be a significant part of your expense for the trip, so you want to be sure that your meals are delicious and as enjoyable as possible.

If you’re planning to visit Magic Kingdom during your next Walt Disney World vacation in Orlando, Florida, you’re probably wondering which restaurants should top your list.

When the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant Be Our Guest opened up, it was nearly impossible to get a table reservation for years.

Since it is one of the most expensive places to eat in Disney World, people everywhere were debating whether the high price of the meal was worth it to experience lunch or dinner.

I had the chance to test it out during a runDisney weekend, here’s what you need to know before you book your table.

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Our Review of the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Disney World

If you’re debating whether or not to try to get a reservation at Be Our Guest, there are a few things you should know before you read any farther:

  1. They Currently only serve lunch or dinner.
  2. You will need a valid park pass for Magic Kingdom for every guest on your reservation.
  3. They currently only offer a prix fixe menu.

Still with me? Let’s explore the restaurant a little more:

What is the Theme of Be Our Guest?

A gargoyle inside Be Our Guest

The name Be Our Guest comes from the famous song sung by Lumiere to Belle in the Disney animated movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

The restaurant was designed to look like the Beast’s castle from top to bottom.

You dine can dine in the grand ballroom or in one of several smaller rooms from the castle.

The menu is themed with both French and American foods.

Know Before You Go

If you’re considering Be Our Guest for a meal, here are a few things you should know first.

Reservations Absolutely Required

Be Our Guest is a table service restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

Reservations are 100% required and are one of the hardest to get in the parks. Tables book up in moments as soon as the reservation window opens.

The best way to make reservations is to use the My Disney Experience site and try immediately, like set an alarm on your phone and get up even in the middle of the night, when the window opens.

You may actually have the best luck if you work with a Disney travel agent who has experience with scheduling park visits to maximize your chances of a reservation.

Timing Tips for Your Reservation

The beast's portrait has been shredded like in the movie.

While some Disney dining experiences can be timed around a parade or to gain early entrance to park opening, Be Our Guest is so difficult to get in, you’ll have to arrange the rest of your park schedule around your meal reservation.

The restaurant is located at the back of Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland, a short walk beyond Cinderella’s castle.

Be sure to check the park schedule for parades and fireworks that could potentially start near your dining reservation time since you’ll be in a central location to hop over to the castle for easy viewing.

Park Ticket Required

The only way to dine at Be Our Guest is to have a valid park pass for Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The restaurant is not available for guests outside of Magic Kingdom.

You will also need a valid reservation for Magic Kingdom for your dining reservation day. Park hopper openings are not guaranteed.

Map It:

Be Our Guest Restaurant
Magic Kingdom Dr.
Orlando, FL 32836

Find It By Foot In Magic Kingdom:

The Be Our Guest restaurant is located in the far back corner of Fantasyland, between Enchanted Tales with Bell and Gaston’s Tavern and across the way from the tracks of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


Change depending on Magic Kingdom’s park hours for the day.

What’s On the Menu?

Be Our Guest serves a wide variety of French and American themed dishes and the menu has a little something your whole family is likely to enjoy.

You can check out the full Be Our Guest menu and current pricing here.

But since seeing is believing, here are the items we ordered and enjoyed during our most recent visit:

Be Our Guest Stopped Serving Breakfast

When we visited Be Our Guest, they still had the very popular brunch option in the mornings.

Unfortunately, changes to the restaurant have required that they halt the brunch service in favor of an all-day lunch and dinner menu.

It really is such a shame because the brunch items were really quite tasty.

A French breakfast at Be Our Guest

However, the food is delivered on these elegant food carts that make you feel like you are right in the movie:

A wooden cart with glass dome brings the food.

Does Be Our Guest Serve Alcohol?

It used to be the standard that no restaurants in Magic Kingdom would serve alcohol.

They’ve since changed that rule and now the table service restaurants do serve beer and wine with dinner.

A chilled glass of pinot grigio tasted like sheer heaven on our busy park day. We were so excited for this change in policy!

What is the Restaurant Like?

Be Our Guest was designed to look like the Beast’s castle right down to the tiniest details.

The epic ballroom is a stunning sight that will delight fans of Beauty and the Beast.

The side dining rooms are themed like the West Wing, Beast’s mysterious study; and The Rose Gallery, which features artwork of the characters’ romance.

The gorgeous gold chandeliers inside the grand ballroom.

We were lucky enough to be seated in the Grand Ballroom but I did take a quick peek inside the West Wing dining room:

The dining room of Be Our Guest.

Is It Worth It?

So now that you know a bit more about the restaurant itself and the menu they offer, I’m sure you’re wondering whether Be Our Guest is worth all the trouble to get the reservation and the sky-high prices.


  1. For BIG Fans of Beauty and the Beast, the design of the restaurant is absolutely worth the time to go but calculate the total cost of your meal before you decide.
  2. It is a table service restaurant which gives tired feet a break during a long day.
  3. It is one of the few restaurants in Magic Kingdom that offer alcoholic beverages.
  4. It is located near the castle for a quick walk to fireworks, a parade, or live show at the castle.
  5. It is a unique dining experience unlike other options available, it is also the only Beauty and the Beast table service.


  1. It Is Expensive. SO Expensive. You will need to really want to eat there for one of the pros listed above.
  2. Mixed reviews on the food: I have not dined there since they changed the menu but reviews are quite mixed on the food itself. My understanding is you don’t eat there for the food, only for the experience.
  3. It is nearly impossible to get a reservation. Disney vacations can be stressful enough without having to hustle for a table.

My thoughts? No. Right now, dining at Be Our Guest is not worth the challenges or expense. There are many other places in Disney World that I was happy to spend our money.

Where You Should Eat Instead

If you’ve got a hardcore Beauty and the Beast fan in your party or you just want to dine in that section of the park, the best alternative to Be Our Guest is to stop in at Gaston’s Tavern, one of the best quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom.

Their giant cinnamon rolls and LeFou’s Brew are two of our all-time favorite Disney treats and absolutely worth the time to hunt down.

A photo collage shows the stained glass window at Be our guest along with a dining cart.

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