20 Travel Books About London to Read Before You Go

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These captivating books about London are a must-read before your trip. Non-fiction London travel books include the classic Rick Steeves travel guide alongside books about British history, the Royal family, and classic British cuisine you’ll encounter during your adventure.

The photo collage shows 4 book covers about london.

Planning a trip to London? Or perhaps you just want to explore England from homea s part of a homeschool geography, history, or cultural study.

These non-fiction books about London cover a broad range of fascinating topics that will bring the hustle and bustle of England’s capital right to your front door.

When I’m reading up before a big trip, I always start with a few classic travel guides to get a better sense of the area I’ll be visiting and the landmarks I want to add to my itinerary.

But then I like to dig a little deeper with books about the history, food, and culture so that I’m better prepared for the people I’ll meet and the experiences I’ll encounter.

Thankfully if this is your first International trip, language barrier shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but be sure to brush up on your British colloquialisms before you go!

If you plan to visit Buckingham Palace, you may also enjoy reading one of these books about the Royal Family or pack a royal romance for your plane trip over.

Books to Read About London

The photo collage shows 4 book covers about london.

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