Life Is Way Too Short to Take It Slow

I am back in full on training mode. After taking the summer off from any kind of serious running, I headed back to the track the week school started up again. It was hard and painful and so very slow going.

After that first run, I was disappointed how much of my stamina and speed I had lost since the Fun Run in April. I was frustrated with myself for having given up but so glad that I have a new goal to set my eyes towards.

As I trudged along the track, “When Can I See You Again?” by Owl City came streaming through my iPod. This line from the song jumped out at me:

Look at the mountains. Let's go climb them!

And then I really started to listen to the lyrics. By the end of the song, I was nearly in tears.

Why do I look at those mountains as a threat vs. a challenge?? Climbing them should be fun! Woah. What a change in perspective.

Your future is ready to shine

Running doesn’t come easy to me. In fact, I’m pretty darn awful at it. But I’m stubborn so I keep trying.

I’m slow, I take long walk breaks, I pant and I sweat and I hurt but I just keep trucking. . .

Quote says: Life is Way Too Short to Take It Slow
Vanellope Von Schweetz from Disney's Wreck It Ralph

There’s someone else I know who struggled to reach her dream of being a racer.

Who had to overcome her glitches. Who knew that racing was in her code.

And at the end of the story? Turns out she’s a princess, too. . .

Next week I’m heading to the Type A Conference in Atlanta. The Disney Parks team is sponsoring a welcome reception and we’ve been told we need to show up expressing our #DisneySide. Well, Vanellope has now officially become my training mascot for the Disney Enchanted 10K.

I’ve got a chocolate brown twirly skirt and an aqua colored hoodie waiting for me to wear to the party. I need a licorice hair bow and some candy clips.

The question is, am I brave enough to order striped knee high stockings to complete the look??

You can grab your own copy of my favorite running tune here then go climb some mountains!

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