14 Picture Books About Camping

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Reading picture books about camping is the perfect way to prepare your kids for a fun new trip outdoors. They’re also a great addition to a practice indoor camping evening.

A pile of picture books about camping has a ladybug flashlight sitting on top.

Last summer, Handyman Tim took the Peanut out for her very first trip camping. Since Little Pea was only 4 at the time and he hadn’t been camping himself for a very long time, Tim wanted to ease into the experience with just one of the kids at a time.

Worried this would cause some hurt feelings for the one left behind, I decided to make a Very Special Evening for just the two of us. I pitched our favorite tent, laid out our picnic blanket, and stocked up on picture books about camping.

I spoiled Little Pea with special snacks and some one on one time with just mommy.

The evening was a huge success. We had a wonderful time together, she still felt like she had done something special and different, and she got tucked safely into her own bed for a perfect night of sleep for both of us.

A young girl sits on a quilt blanket with a picture book open on her lap.

The ambiance and the book list are totally what put the activity over the top. I left this scene staged for when the Peanut returned. It quickly turned into a reading nook for them and they loved playing camping together.

The Peanut enjoyed reading the books about camping once she got home and I wanted to share our favorites with you in case you’d like to plan a similar event.

If you’re planning on camping in a National Park, you may also want to add a few of these fun National Parks books for kids to your library list, too.

Picture Books About Camping

Picture books about camping

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