The Ultimate Guide to Beach Photography

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Want to take better pictures at the beach? These beach photography tips are the best sources of inspiration, photo prompts, and technical tips for using your camera during your beach vacation.

A grandpa and two girls make sandcastles on the beach.

I’ve been photographing my kids at the beach every summer since we moved to the East coast almost a decade ago.

What started with tiny toddler sessions testing out the waters of the tide pools is now capturing my teens on their boogie boards at surf camp!

From family reunion beach trips to short weekend getaways for our anniversary, the beach is a gorgeous place we absolutely love to spend our summer days absorbing the views.

But pictures or it didn’t happen, right??

A dad holds the hands of his two daughters as they visit the beach for the first time.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that getting great photos at the beach can be quite a challenge.

  • The light is INTENSE.
  • The time of day you go matters.
  • I worry about my camera gear.
  • Balancing safety by the open ocean and capturing a sweet shot of small kids is a struggle.
A little girl in a hot pink swim suit sits in the ocean water at the beach.

Thankfully I’ve had photography friends point me towards the best sources for beach photography tips.

I’ve watched their examples and I’ve had lots of years of practice since that first trip so many years ago . . .

Look at my little ones putting their toes in the ocean for the first time:

Two girls test out the water of a tide pool with their dad watching carefully.

And this was taken just last summer during our most recent trip to Myrtle Beach.

Two sisters hold hands by the ocean for a family photo.

Both of my girls are fearless.

When she was little, we had to chase down my youngest for fear she’d be swept out to sea! She ran headlong into the ocean and never turned back.

My older daughter has always loved jumping waves and catching live sand dollars and relishing the wide open waters.

If you want to capture your own little beach daredevils and bring home the most beautiful souvenirs to decorate your walls, these beach photo tips will point you in the right direction.

Family Beach Photography Inspiration

Capturing family photos at the beach has become my favorite summer pass time. If you want more tips and tricks, you won’t want to miss these helpful posts.

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