20 Gorgeous Ocean Books for Kids

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Read the best ocean books for kids with your little ones before your next trip to the beach.

A collage of picture book covers from a list of ocean books for kids.

Whether you’re planning your very first trip to the beach with the kids or just want to explore the ocean and her creatures from the comfort of home, these gorgeous ocean books for kids bring the sea to life.

This list of children’s books about the ocean features picture books illustrated with charming images of the most popular sea creatures: whales, sharks, octopus, dolphins, turtles, and fish of all kinds.

From non-fiction books that explore the ocean creatures’ habitat to adorable fiction stories that personify sharks and an octopus, you’re sure to find a book to pick up at the library that will delight your kids.

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Ocean Books for Kids

More Books for Kids

I love to read books about travel with my kids before a trip or even when we’re just daydreaming about where we would like to go next. Here are some of my favorites:

A collage of ocean books for Pinterest.

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